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December 2018
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    Tick Tock Goes the RSP Clock!

    The March 2nd deadline is fast approaching – have you saved for your retirement? The March 2nd deadline only applies to those wanting to use their RSP contribution towards their 2014 tax year however it does serve to light a fire under those who procrastinate year round! If you plan to complete a 2014 RSP […]

    Plant Seeds to Grow Your Savings

    The weather in Vancouver was gorgeous today and spring flowers have been popping up everywhere. You may wonder what on earth that has to do with money – in fact working on your finances might be the last thing you thought of dealing with today! The parallel is this – planting seeds today means beautiful […]

    Retirement Planning in 1, 2, 3 and 4!

    It’s a daunting task for sure but worth the effort and easier than you think. Figure out how much monthly income you’ll need to live, pay your bills and lead the retirement lifestyle you’d like to have. How much do you need to save to achieve this? How much monthly income will you receive from […]

    Do I Really Need a Retirement Plan?

    There are lots of reasons to procrastinate: I don’t have my taxes figured out yet I don’t know how I don’t know where to start I don’t know how much I’ll need I’m young and have lots of time until retirement I don’t have any extra money to save for retirement, I need it now […]

    RSP’s – What they can do for you!

    It’s that time of year again when banks, credit unions and investment advisors are talking about RSP’s. There’s nothing like a deadline to prompt people to action.   How can a RSP help you?   Saving for your retirement is a good thing to do – even though it may seem like ages in the […]

    Ready to Save? How much is enough?

    This is a great time of year to start saving because summer is over and it’s ahead of the holiday season. How much is enough? That is the question. For many of us, we assume we are limited by what’s left over at the end of the month. How about approaching it a different way? […]

    End of February = RSP’s & Income Taxes

    Do these 2 topics make you uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, do you typically procrastinate? Why do the alarm bells go off in February? If all the media attention hasn’t brought it to your attention, the following might: You will receive most of your income tax slips in February The deadline to contribute to […]

    Saving Secrets

    Whether you’re saving for something special, something shiny and new or your future, here are a few are some tips to get you started. Do you work better with a goal? I do, I’m one of those people that likes to know where I’m going and typically I know what I want. I don’t always […]

    Are You Squirreling Away for Your Future?

    The leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground and I see squirrels gathering fallen  nuts to store for their winter meals. I’m not sure if that’s why the Fall is also ‘investment season’ but in as much as our ancestors put a lot of energy into preparing for the winter months, we are […]

    Tick Tock, the 2011 RSP Deadline is Fast Approaching!

    A little more than one left to make your RSP contribution for the 2011 tax year! Why do it you may ask? Save for your future Reduce the amount of tax paid now

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