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December 2018
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    An Extra $120 Per Month? I’ll Take It!

    I thought the days of the UCCB (Universal Child Care Benefit) were gone once our girls turned 6. Although the $100 per child per month wasn’t much and certainly didn’t cover even a tiny amount of their child care fees, it covered half of their annual RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) – $1,200 of $2,500! […]

    Summer Camps….Already? Have You Got a Summer Budget?

    It’s not even the end of March and already I find myself making summer camp plans for the kids! It seems early to me but the upside is that I’ll have it organized sooner. It also leads me to take a look at our summer budget and since child care is such a large component […]

    Spring Break Budget

    Spring Break is 2 whole weeks!! We have 2 children and so we have a few options (the estimated cost is beside each option): Take vacation time and take a vacation ($5,000) Take vacation and plan a ‘staycation’ ($300) Find Spring Break camps ($1,000) A combination of the above (??) We opted for the combination […]

    What is a RESP and Why Would I Need One?

    A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a program under which you can save for your child’s education. As parents we try very hard to give our children every opportunity and one of the foundational bricks of many paths in life is education. The cost of post-secondary education increases each year and who knows what […]

    Summer Birthdays

    Both of our girls are summer babies which means summer birthdays. I was always envious of my brother’s birthday in the summer because it meant fun presents like dingy boats, flippers and masks. Compared to a November birthday (mine) which is an ‘in between seasons’ birthday.   Some moms seem to plan their childrens’ birthdays […]

    Summer Budget

    Summer is here! The July long weekend is fast approaching and summer plans are well underway. Summer is loads of fun but the reality is that I don’t really look at our budget while we’re in busy enjoying ourselves. I make sure the bills get paid but that’s about it. Now that we have most […]

    Childcare Crunch! Is Your Budget Big Enough?

    Organizing childcare is a challenge whether you’re returning to work or it’s school break. It’s one of the most important support systems if you’re a working parent but also one of the most difficult to get! Do you know how much childcare costs your family each year? I think we’d all be surprised when we […]

    On a Budget? Bake a Birthday Cake

    I remember the cheesecake my best friend make for my birthday while we were in university. Talk about living on a tight budget. But do you know, it was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had. It was such a nice gesture and delicious too. I’ve since made a couple myself  and compared to buying them, […]

    Birthday Present Proposal – Easy for You and Easy for Your Budget

    Our kids are at the age where there opinions are becoming more and more defined. Particularly when it comes to what they prefer for presents and while I think it’s great for family (grandparents, aunties and uncles) taking the kids to chose what they would like or giving an ‘experience’, I’m sure I’m not the […]

    Is Summer Vacation a Distant Memory or are Credit Card Bills a Rude Reminder?

    It’s been a little over a week since we returned home after a fabulous summer vacation and the return to regular life is a bit of a shock.   Did you take holidays over the summer? Did you do something fun? A trip, travel or staycation? How much did it cost compared to your budget […]

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