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About Dear Piggy Bank

For the price of a spa visit or a couple nights out, you can take control of your money. A small investment in your future that will quickly pay you back!

A little knowledge and good organization can go a long way to making a simple money management plan. Our strength is planning your blueprint to financial clarity. We propose a plan, outline your options and design a tailored action plan. You can focus on reviewing the recommendations, decision making and action.

Our Vision

To provide education and resources to individuals to become financially independent. To offer resources and promote skill development to increase individual, family and societyís financial power and reduce the negative impact of unhealthy financial practices.

Who Is Dear Piggy Bank?

Hi, my name is Joanna Muir and my favorite toy as a child was a cash register! Bought with my own money, it was purple and had a great ringing sound when you hit the button to open the cash drawer.

Although I'm about to hit a milestone birthday, I don't feel middle aged. I wonder where the time has gone. When I look back over the last 2 decades it all comes back to me. University, my 20's spent working hard to build my career and complete my CGA, my 30's further building my career and enjoying lots of wonderful travel, and now (albeit later in life than many) a mom of 2 fantastic little girls.

I've always had an aptitude towards money management and the banking environment sharpened my focus and honed my skills. I too would be behind in planning for my retirement if it wasn't for a moment when I tested a retirement calculator and learned that I needed to be putting away A LOT of money NOW to retire the way I wanted. That motivated me to get started. I learned about loans and mortgages and bought my first home at 24 and haven't looked back.

Managing your money responsibly and building your financial power is important because it provides you with the ability to make choices in life. I believe that with a little education and a solid plan, anyone can achieve control over their finances.

Professional Experience

Upon completing university, I found a natural fit working for one of Canada's major banks. I spent several years working with clients of all socioeconomic groups including students entering the work force, young couples buying their first home, families completing renovations and retirees. I completed the Certified General Accountant program in 2001 and am a designated accountant. I have also worked in the airline and health care industries in a business planning/finance capacity.

Throughout my career I have delivered group presentations on household finance (RSP's, budgeting, borrowing, RESP's) and first time home purchase as well as one on one financial counseling for individuals, undergoing divorce, in debt trouble, growing wealth, goal planning and retirement.

Single women, divorced women, young adults starting out, first time homebuyers, mom's groups, lunch and learns and small business startup all have basic money management questions that we can answer.

PS: My biggest weakness is wallets, purses and bags. I love them and although Iím very particular about the ones I like, I have many! That is the inspiration behind the book title, Buy the Purse and Fill the Piggy Bank.

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