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December 2018
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    What Happens If Mortgage Rates Go Up?

    Many of us have never known ‘normal’ let along high mortgage interest rates although it wasn’t that long ago that 6 or 6.5% was the norm for a 5 year mortgage. When I started working at the bank (in the mid 90’s) the rates were closer to 10%!   How much difference would a 1% […]

    How Do I Score an ‘A’ in Financial Literacy?

    November is flying by but there are two weeks left to earn an ‘A’ in Financial Literacy. How do I do that you may ask? Definitions of literate include ‘to be knowledgeable’ or ‘to be well-read on a topic’. I don’t have a whole lot of time to read these days but thanks to the […]

    Money Mummies, Boo Budgets & Worry Witches..What Gives You a Fright in the Night?

    I think most of us enjoy the little thrill that comes from a Halloween scare. My kids like to be surprised by just the right amount of ‘boo’ or mechanical spider lunging toward their feet as they cross the threshold. What really frightens them though is the unknown, the uncertain and the down-right scary – […]

    What is The Least You Can Live On?

    It gets back to the old question of needs versus wants. Layer on the ease of obtaining credit and the complexity of today’s world, and we collide with this simple question. We are often able to buy the things we want such as cars, homes and furniture on credit without saving for them first. Which […]

    How to Get Rid of Your Mortgage ASAP :)

    No one said it’s going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy but if getting rid of your mortgage is number one priority for you, then it can be done.   There are 2 strong motivating factors to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible:     No more mortgage payments = more of your […]

    Will We Ever Live in Lotus Land Mortgage Free?

    I worked for one of Canada’s Chartered Banks for seven years and not once did I hand a client their mortgage discharge papers. That may not seem significant but I’ve heard stories from those in our parents’ generation who worked hard to pay off their mortgages as soon as possible, in 15, 10 or even […]

    How Much Can I Afford to Pay to Live in Vancouver?

    Whether you rent or own…we pay a premium to live in Vancouver. The question is – what can you afford to pay? The recommendation is that you do not pay more than 32% of your gross (before taxes) monthly household income towards housing. This calculation includes the housing payment (principle and interest or rent) plus […]

    Reduce Your Debt!

    The bad news is … there is no easy way to do this. The saying ‘buy now, pay later’ rings true no matter how hard you try to ignore it. The good news is … there are steps you can take to reduce the interest you’re paying, reduce your debt and ultimately be rid of […]

    Spring Clean Your Debt!

    Spring has arrived! The weather in Vancouver is fantastic today and it got me thinking….Debt can be such a burden. Especially if it’s invading your thoughts, interrupting your sleep or debtors are calling. Whether your debit is stressing you out or whether you just wish it would go away a little faster, spring is a […]

    Are You Doing Without to Make Ends Meet?

    It’s the time of year when we tend to indulge and treat ourselves, our families and friends to  special food, drink, celebrations and gifts. When the holiday bills arrive we open them with some trepidation and ‘gulp’, figure out how we’re going to cover it. Sometimes we make conscious decisions to forgo this to buy […]

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