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March 2015
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  • Organization is the Key!

    It didn’t take too long but a few minutes spent re-arranging the shelving unit beside my desk has made such an improvement! I knew where things were (mostly) and the biggest change was grouping ‘like’ items in the same sections. I do Lean Continuous Improvement in my ‘other job’ and a 5S can really apply to almost anything. Five simple steps:

    • Sort
    • Straighten
    • Shine
    • Set in Order
    • Sustain

    Scope your project by setting a manageable goal of a shelf, an area or a set of files at one time to work on as opposed to tackling the whole job. It’s amazing what improvement you can make in just a few minutes. Give yourself a little lift!

    This is an ideal tool to use to organizeyour financial papers.

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