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April 2015
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  • Tally Up Transportation Costs

    How much do you spend on transportation? It can easily add up to a chunk of your budget when you add it all up. Do you…

    • Own your own vehicle
    • Use public transit 
    • Bike or walk
    • Have the use of a work vehicle
    • Use a car co-op
    • Cab it
    • Rent

    Each mode of transportation comes with it’s own set of pros, cons and costs. I think the bottom line is that we pay for convenience however with the growth of car share concepts there are more options at competitive rates.

    It’s a good idea to consider the total cost of your chosen chariot and weigh this against the cost of convenience. Don’t forget to include expenses such as parking, insurance, repairs and maintenance (bikes have these expenses too). Evaluating your choice(s) against your values can be important. Consider the environment, work requirements and lifestyle.

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