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May 2018
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    I opened our mail today and it was full of bills! It’s that time of year when the holiday spending catches up with us. Income tax preparation and RSP marketing are in full swing. What to do?

    Betty has been back at work for a couple weeks and is feeling the pressure to start the new year with a budget.

    “Get your financial house in order!” she keeps telling herself. You’re 28 and still don’t know where your money goes and there is never enough at the end of the month. The student loan is taking forever to pay off and the credit cards keep creeping back up. Retirement? How much do I need and how do I do it? These are regular conversations she has with herself. What to do?

    The themes are:

    1. Feeling in control of her money
    2. Managing debt (rather than it managing her!)
    3. Security for the future

    These are very normal concerns and can be the source of great anxiety. Tomorrow’s post will include some suggestions for Betty.

    Do you have any questions? Perhaps we can help!

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