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    Dear Piggy Bank,

    Each year I promise myself I’ll have a better handle on back to school expenses and here I am again, it’s three weeks until school starts. What should we budget for and how much?

    Baffled on Back to School Budget

    Dear Baffled on Back to School Budget,

    It’s hard to believe it’s mid-August already. Summer is flying by and it’s easy to enjoy the nice weather. September comes with lots of expenses leading into the school year and fall/winter months (never mind bills from summer holidays!). Good things to include:

    1. School supplies and equipment
    2. Clothes
    3. Sports, arts and activity fees
    4. Lunch programs and fundraisers
    5. Birthday parties

    Items 1 and 2 can be estimated by doing an inventory of what you currently have and what is required (Tip: Consider what will be needed through the winter months). Decide what is most likely for number 3 and a quick look on the Internet or at a program guide will tell you what to budget. Best to make an experienced guess for numbers 4 and 5. Don’t forget to add them all up! Now you know what expenses this time of year brings. Some frugal suggestions:

    • Buy used or on sale (clothes, supplies and equipment)
    • Take a look at the proposed weekly activity schedule and discuss whether it’s realistic to do all the things – consider making some choices
    • Love the lunch programs but design a brown bag lunch menu to cover off the other days (Goal: simple and nutritious)
    • Anticipate the party invites but with a little thought and creativity, last minute and high cost presents can be avoided

    I imagine many of you have additional ideas!

    Dear Piggy Bank

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